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Are you one of a growing number of patients who has been told year after year that your short-sightedness is only getting worse and you need thicker lenses…yet again?

Well, you are not alone, nor helpless. Short-sightedness, or Myopia as it’s known, has dramatically increased all around the globe and becoming a growing worry for many a parent due to its hereditary nature. There is no denying the impact Myopia has on people’s day-to-day lives and the many challenges it brings with it.

However, in recent years a lot of new research has been conducted to help identify the various factors that cause and potentially make Myopia increase. Several new Myopia- related optometric management strategies, corrective lenses, and contact lenses are now commercially available. These novel therapies not only effectively address patients’ visual needs but also help to slow down the progression of Myopia and ensure your numbers stay as low as possible.

If you are worried about your, or your child’s, risk for developing Myopia, discuss this with your eye care provider and ask about these revolutionary new approaches to managing short-sightedness.

A great free resource to get you started can be found at a free online resource aimed at keeping parents informed about Myopia and it’s risks.